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Of course, the just-announced iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro models all require iOS 13, so Apple can't postpone its release past the date these handsets reach.

Thanks I've looked longer than hour and finally found this! I don't know why Google doesn't make this more readily visible.

macOS Sierra CalNCService high CPU usage

Google and Apple war most likely. Jeff, Thank You. Your advice was the only action on my Google search that fixed the problem. Thanks again. It doesn't work for me! I don't know what to do, please help me! Great stuff. Super helpful.

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I was trying to solve that problem by integrating a shared calendar into one of my google calendars instead of having it sync directly in Ical as a subscription but calendar agent is still sucking CPU cycles making my fan run continuously, battery drain and charge slowly. I've read a ton of posts but none has worked. I was just about to fall into a search hole with different keywords when I found your solution. Thanks very much. I've been trying for days to add an external calendar and with your help done it in two clicks!

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This is awesome! Why I had to search until I found this post I don't know but I'm glad I did - this info was nowhere else!

How To Stop CalendarAgent From Eating CPU | Robert Accettura's Fun With Wordage

Good god you saved me an hour and a splitting headache. Is there any better example of the lenghts to which boneheads at Apple and Google will go to make it difficult to cross platforms? Miss you buddy! Got a new computer and still couldn't figure out how to sync the Flocknote calendar and low and behold who's blog came up in google : Hope you and the family are doing well.

More than three years after the original post, this is still highly relevant. Why this isn't easily accessible is a mystery to me. You've saved me a HUGE headache. Thank you! I can see others have said it as well, but I just have to say as well God bless you. I was getting frustrated until I found this.

Worked perfectly Your comment is still helping people out of a frustrating situation. I'm very grateful! That's the same link in the blog post above—but which help page did you find this on? I still am not seeing it these many years later :. The sync select thing only works on the desktop app. One of my colleagues just sent me this link and it works to sync desktop and iPhone Apple Calendar! Thank you so much!! This helped me out by getting my work calendar synced to my iPhone! I really appreciate this. You're a genius! I will save that link for the future. Mahalo plenty Jeff!

Thank goodness for people like you to show others how technology can benefit us rather than just make life difficult ;. Jeff, you are a lifesaver, we have had our team searching for hours and could not find anywhere online that would show us how to merge 2 google calendars in mac mail, thank you!!! Thank you so much! I recently upgraded MacOS and thought it was the source of the issue.

Further reading Switched back to Safari from Chrome Review: Apple iPad Original. Helped me out after hours of searching! Well done. Thanks for posting.

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Jeff Schneider — 3 weeks ago. Thanks a bunch! Anonymous — 4 years ago. What a legend! Dan Anersen — 3 years ago. This also greatly helped me after hours of unproductive searching. Iztok — 3 years ago. You are great. You helped a lot. Martin — 3 years ago. Jodi C — 3 years ago. SAVED me hours of searching online! SharonAK — 3 years ago. If you cannot resolve the problem by any of the three options Calendar offers you, it is time to fix the problem manually.

The solution involves deleting some cache files and restarting all Calendar processes. In a nutshell, you have to:. The same steps apply to Apple Mail. Quitting the Calendar application is not enough because there is still a background process running called CalendarAgent that needs to be terminated as well. The best way to do that is through Activity Monitor. Once done, leave Activity Monitor running and make sure none of the Calendar processes magically relaunch.

Drag all three files to the trash. It will take up to a few minutes to synchronize them back from the server. The cache files you deleted above-contained data from all calendar accounts, not only Exchange. Consequently, all the accounts will have to be synched. Worst case scenario, you may have to terminate all Calendar processes via Activity Monitor again to force the re-sync or simply restart your Mac.

Rest assured, you did not lose any data! I have used twice and never experienced any persistent problems like the one described above. Very frustrating. NOTE: I had to restart my computer in order to get my calendar to sync. Otherwise, it just respawns before you delete the cache. My calendar started misbehaving following a migration from Hosted Exchange to Office This worked for me! It worked!

The changes made were not saved. Hi It worked for me, but only on the second go: I did first kill the Agent and then the cache files but they reappeared and that was I think because I did not also terminate Mail. Would it have to do with the fact that there were calendar invites in my mailbox? I quit mail, killed the Agent, deleted the cache files including the mail-cache-thingy. Then it worked. Worked for me for about an hour. Since it appeared, the sync has stopped working once again.

Any ideas? Only way to fix is to repeat your steps above. If one of the events in your calendar is corrupt, you need to delete it and then clear the cache as described in the article. Look out for events with large attachments, as those have caused issues for me in the past. How long does it take to resync? As confirmed via Email, a reboot fixed your disappearing events issue. A reboot restarts that agent and thus fixes the issue. I would take the steps to add them but nothing would happen. Thanks for this write-up. Unfortunately, it was not successful for me. Same problem here, just occurred.

No worries, just repeat the steps and make sure you quite the calendaragent process while doing it. Other users have reported that rebooting the Mac helps. Anyone who tried anything else and worked? Duh, all I had to do was upgrade from It was working this morning just fine, but then tried to add another 2nd exchange account and lost all of my original account calendar items. They are out on the web and on my phone, but the iCAL on the mac is conflicted somewhere….

Once I restarted the CalendarAgent manually using the link above , everything started to work fine again. My Exchange calendars show up but will not populate the actual appointments in the Exchange server. I all worked until a couple weeks ago. I use OSX Events and invitations have all reappeared, and some trial amendments to existing appointments are updating correctly — including updating invited contacts and reflecting the changes on Outlook via FireFox. Thanks for the post, this helped me fix the issue instantly. I renamed the cache files first appended. Once the calendars refreshed all was well. Because I was already hopeless and in the logs there were strange errors that meant nothing on google.

So thank you alot for this resource. And I deleted the iCal plist. Thank you for the guidance, but I hesitate to try without knowing what I might lose. This issue means that I have event on my Mac Calendar that are not yet on my Exchange Calendar, and vice versa. If I follow the instructions to wipe out cache files, will I lose the events on my Mac that are not on Exchange? In other words, will my Mac calendar be rebuilt using only events on Exchange?

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It worked for me, I could not update my exchange calendar after high sierra upgrade. And I did panic a bit when everything was gone for half a minute. Worked, thank you! It is the second time I am repeating this procedure in a month, but at least for a month I had no issue. One thing which worries me is that some of my invitees reported that they received my old meeting invites, which is no good.

But if I remember correctly, the last time that happened was a few years ago. I never had this issue with newer versions of macOS. What version are you on? Worked perfectly. Thank you!! Hi, it works well. Worked for me! Thanks a lot! This method did not work for me OS The stubborn bad events keep coming, and from time to time — as new event becomes broken — they also aggregate, so I receive these error alerts now in bunches of 11 alerts every time, that I need to dismiss.

It looks like the event is locally deleted from my calendar at least — visually but from then on — that even will bug me forever with that nasty alert. Another point. BTW — I tried much graver methods, like, for example, deleting all my Calendar accounts from the Mac in the Internet accounts preferences panel restart, then re-create and re-login each one of them from scratch my me.

I would go ahead and make sure all related processes are terminated, then remove all Calendar accounts via System Preferences. Next, delete any offending events via office Last, reboot and add the accounts back.

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  4. There was an error attempting to send your changes to the exchange server. Tried several times to follow the instructions, but I still get the same message when I try to invite someone to the event. I enjoy your newsletter as well. Apple should seriously hire you. Wonderful advice here, thank you. It worked well on macOS High Sierra This worked for me and fingers crossed that it stays fixed!

    Thank you for sharing the solution. Thank you. That solved the problem but all my events disappeared half an hour has passed since I relaunched the calendar after deleting the three cache files.

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    Just quit Calendar again and restart the calendar agent process — or restart your Mac and your events will reappear! Mount the encrypted APFS volume e. Macintosh HD 3. Run Terminal from Utilities menu 4. Command line fun! It has to use the configured account information to recreate everything in that directory, which it does just fine. Also, have you tried removing the account from System Preferences, then deleting the cache files and re-adding it?

    My calendar stopped syncing w Office about a week ago, and nothing else worked. I am new to Mac and I have been unable to get my exchange calendar to sync even though email was fine. Worked brilliantly. Thank you Not sure what to say. Followed the directions and even emptied the cache folder. I followed directions and even emptied cache folder.

    Calendar process keeps restarting itself even when calendar app is not open. And I had no choice because in order to keep doing your iOS development Apple forces you to update XCode, which in return requires you to update the whole OS. HighSierra was the first OS which occasionally crashed the whole machine, like any Windows machine.

    But Windows users are used to these crashes and reboots; Mac users are not. And I noticed that somehow XCode was tightly linked with the OS so if something goes wrong with XCode, it brings down the whole machine. After such one crash few weeks ago, my Calendar stopped syncing with the Exchange server at work.

    I had to use the online version for my work. But today I decided to finally try to fix it seriously. And good that these instructions worked right the first time. I had this issue, and solved it with the above, however I think the root cause is related to duplicate entries. The reason it cannot save it second time is because it already exists so no amount of retries will ever work and revert to server is perhaps not possible as you are you reverting to a copy that is still not written according to the local client as it has it cached.

    I updated my OS to The residual bad effect is that my two NON-Exchange email accounts are now messed up. I can open a calendar request but there is no option to accept or reject the invite. Also, I am also no longer able to send outgoing calendar requests from either of these accounts. I would be beyond grateful if you had any suggestions for remedying this situation. Worked for me!! Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Asked 10 months ago. Active 7 months ago.

    Viewed 4k times. I have calendars in sync with iCloud , Exchange , Google. How can I solve this? OSX: El Capitan. Kamafeather Kamafeather 1 1 silver badge 5 5 bronze badges. It seems to run a little shorter, at least, but the undesired behaviour is still there. I really don't understand what it is doing, and also don't get why it ignores my "update manually" setting I disabled all of them now: it still hogs the CPU but for shorter time now around 10 seconds.