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Of course, the just-announced iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro models all require iOS 13, so Apple can't postpone its release past the date these handsets reach.

I did try the instructions in the video, but I get a bluetooth popup saying I need to enter a code to pair the controller. I tried entering and I get a message saying that the pairing failed, most likely due to an incorrect passcode. I installed the PS3 Controller driver from this website: There's no uninstall package available however so I don't know how to go about removing that driver.

Again, I totally understand nobody on this forum officially supports removing that driver, I'm just hoping someone knows enough about this process to help me out of the woods. I guess reinstalling Lion is always an option, but I'd rather not go through that process just to get the PS3 controller working if I can avoid it.

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Thanks again for the help. Step 2: Turn Bluetooth On.


Method 1: Through Bluetooth. I've been scouring forums trying to get my ps3 dualshock controller to connect to my mac but some say to favourite the device in Bluetooth. Only when you connect your controller to a PS3 or pair with another PC will you have to re-do the pairing process on your computer.

Be sure to use the Microsoft Bluetooth Stack and do not install any third party drivers e. The driver is licenced under the GPL. PS3 controller is off, PS3 is unplugged. Open Bluetooth Preferences via Settings Menu, verify bluetooth is on and discoverable 3. Popup for Bluetooth Pairing request shows up asking for Pairing Code I've tried and with no luck.

As with every other release, Adobe has also fixed a number of bugs and have also listed several known issues, some of which they are working on. In addition to all those smart features and enhancements, Adobe has also introduced some experimental features like H. Download adobe flash player 10 installer viber. For example, printing SWFs is not enabled in the popular browser, and they are working with Google to resolve it. Each time a second popup immediately appears saying the pairing failed most likely due to a bad passcode. These popups for pairing requests continue appearing until I hold the PS button on the controller long enough to shut it off.

I've tried deleting that file, testing, reinstalling the plugin, and retesting, all yielding the same results. If there's anything else I can try, I'll be glad to help test. No if you pair your Dualshock 3 controller to an Apple device it voids the warranty and permanently dissociates the gamepad from all Sony products. Yeah, I just read his reply a few weeks after I paired them, and it works great!

PS3 Controller on the Mac...

Thanks for the great post! So it was a bad attempt at humor. Does NOT work on Each game may be different though in that you may have to activate game pad control first either through the command line, a config file or within the game interface itself. Do you mean the keyboard when you say Mac controls?

Standard input. Non bluetooth question.

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It connects by USB. Has anyone gotten the PS move navigation controller to work on a Mac? Reason why I asked was because I have one and I never had any luck getting it to pair no matter what I tried. So it was pretty much a no go as far as I can tell. - Ps3Controller

I have gone through this tons of times. First off the lights start flashing right when I plug in the USB. Sometimes I get the pairing prompt but after I put in the 4 zeros it just comes up again. Yes I made it a favorite. Sometimes I go through all the steps and then nothing even happens. Is there something else I might be missing? How could I disable it? You have to start up a game that accepts game pad control to see if it worked. But beyond that, you have to test it out in a game.

It seems when someone posts a link in here it has to be approved for it to show up. How did you do it? Did you need to add the controller to favorites in Mavericks Mine is still not doing anything. Mac says PS3 controller is connected but its not doing anything.. I have the exact same problem as KaramK You should then see it listed in the Bluetooth menu in the menu bar.

Not working with my Lego Batman 2. You mean you have keyboard emulation software installed and ON? SO get rid of all of those programs? What game are you getting it working in? Whenever I try to get a Lego game to discover the controller, I just get nothing from it. You may want to get in contact with their support if you continue to have problems. I already know they would tell you the same thing about keyboard emulation software that I have though. Will 3rd party PS3 controllers work just as easily? Games see the buttons. You may get extra functions from the chips used in those controllers that may not be on the controller itself though.

On my Versus Fighting Pad I can see analog functionality in some utils, but there are no analog sticks or SixaxiS functions on it. With Bluetooth controllers you just have to figure out how to pair it and it should work. Just in case you guys missed it but the PS4 controller also works with the Mac. Lemme shed some light on that. Not sure what you mean by deceased dead..

The computability is far decreased in the PS4 controller compared to PS3? Works, but the DS3 acts like a DS1 controller. This has been the case since Snow Leopard. Has anybody succeeded to get these features to work at all? At least the faceaction buttons analog function was rarely used even in PS3 games. In fact it was so rarely used Sony decided to do away with analog face buttons in the DS4. They just included digital face buttons. But yeah the rest should act as analog… Hell, the X pad, wired or wireless has analog triggers functioning as they should and games support it.

Also if one is using keyboard emulation with a gamepad almost nothing will function as analog except whatever axis is emulating the mouses axis. If USBOverdrive had a function that used analog signals. I guess a lot of that functionality analog buttons, analog triggers is proprietary though and documentation on it is not public. Utilities like USB Overdrive or Gamepad companion will never give you analog functions for anything other than the mouse which is inherently analog apart from the buttons of course. The same thing with the type of button functions games support.

On the PC or Mac a game most likely does not support analog function for say… square, circle, cross or triangle unless it was a direct PS3 port and the game originally supported analog function for those buttons in the first place. What I was meaning by mentioning the logitech was there is two modes that gamepad can be in..

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The analog triggers only function in xinput mode. Perhaps the dualshock drivers are only written to support dinput mode. I know for a fact that analog triggers work with xinput xbox compatible controllers and input mode. The tattiebogle drivers for example map the analog triggers to analog joystick axis and games support that. So, in order for a gamepad or any other peripheral to have full functionality support needs to be there at all levels.

At the game level with the game design and at the driverOS level. A note, and a lightbulb went off just now for me, for anybody who is using a knockoff DS3, you MIGHT be running into problems because of that. The main differences between genuine DS3s and fake ones are spelling or printing errors on the sticker on he back. It seems that on some a French word is misspelled, bisected into two words, instead of a single two or three syllable word, rendering the word meaningless.

And the casting of the case may be off. Just a for instance. Just an idea. The Bluetooth chip in the fake DS3 might be wonky. It worked!

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  • Thank you so much! Hi, im on Where are you plugging in your controller?

    In the Mac or in the PS3? If in the PS3, try resetting the controller, by inserting a paperclip into pinhole near L2 button. Then, turn off both the PS3 and the controller.