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Of course, the just-announced iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro models all require iOS 13, so Apple can't postpone its release past the date these handsets reach.

If this happens, then you should be able to overcome it by activating a full-screen feature like Mission Control, the screen saver, or a full-screen application.

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Log out and back in Finally, if the menu bar does not show up properly, try logging out and back into your system. If the background processes such as SystemUIServer that are responsible for managing the menu bar are hanging, then logging out and back in might help clear the hang and have them running properly.

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  5. When you do this, the system may quit all services like the Dock and Finder, and only show a blank desktop background for a few minutes. Allow the system to stay like this and log out on its own, since at this point it is attempting to quit the hanging background processes.

    How to use Mac menu bar in macOS Sierra: The basics

    If you see no progress after about 10 or so minutes, then try resetting your system. Thanks for reminding me. I have this problem and none of the solutions worked for me. The problem first appeared when I closed safari and then reopened it. I used the blue arrows in the upper lefthand corner to maximize the screen and that is when I lost the menu bar.

    I can stretch the small box to somewhat fill the screen and keep the menu bar but I cannot stretch the box to cover the bottom task icons, i would like to get my full screen and menu bar back. Ask a question. This question was closed Oct 10, at AM by Adri. P for the following reason: The question is answered, right answer was accepted. Hello, I have updated my operating system from macOS Can somebody help me? There is also a screenshot of SPSS on my mac.

    People who like this. Viewable by all users Viewable by moderators Viewable by moderators and the original poster Viewable by moderators and the original poster. Accepted answer. SPSS will work correctly with menu. I have the same problem, can't do anything at the moment..

    Have you tried to change your Mac system language to english? The only thing that is there is my bookmarks. There is no way I can find the Safari menu bar, I have looked. I also tried uninstalling and installing it again.

    It is possible for this to happen. You might try clicking the F10 key to see if the menu bar will display at which point you could then follow the instructions above to get the address bar to display again. At the end of the article above I added some details regarding clicking the F10 key to get the menu bar back. Hope this helps.

    How to Fix Icon Toolbar Missing on Finder, Menubar Desktop Mac

    Thanks so much.. My address bar just disappeared on my IMAC.. I accidently dragged it to the top of the screen and it vanished, thanks for the help. I wish there was a delete for all the debris getting here. Happy students are the best students.

    Thanks for taking the time to leave us feedback. My address bar has simply disappeared and I have tried the F10 and F11 key and the customized toolbar.

    Nothing has worked. Might you have any more suggestions? Thank you soopoooo much. Bright Blessings, Fran.

    Use System Preferences to set up the Dock

    Clicking F10 should make the toolbar appear again unless something else is wrong. Depending on your situation you might try upgrading Safari, reinstalling Safari, or just taking your computer to a Mac store near you so they can look at the issue. I appreciate the offer but we do not provide personal email addresses to people via our site unless they are contract customers paying for a service. I hope you can help. I was trying to modify my toolbars for Safari.

    Everything I find does not address my specific problem.

    – macOS: Missing menu bar after closing fullscreen document (LO built-in version)

    I use Safari with windows. While the notes in the article may not have worked for you it actually works in most cases and did as well in mine which is why I wrote the article. We do appreciate offering a different method to recover the address bar in Safari though. PS: I think your caps lock key is stuck. This article is specifically about the address bar itself and I have yet to see the issue you mention though I do not use Safari as my primary browser.