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Of course, the just-announced iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro models all require iOS 13, so Apple can't postpone its release past the date these handsets reach.

The Boot Camp partition must be the last used partition among the first four partitions. Any partition beyond the first four partitions will not be recognized by Windows. In Lion The second slot is used by Mac OS X. The third slot is taken up by the Recovery partition. Note in the below diagram that Windows is the last in the first four partitions.


This partition table has only 4 available partition slots which is the reason for the limitation above , and the total size of all four partitions is limited to 2. The limitation of 2. Unfortunately, booting Windows with this modern method is not currently supported on the Mac, and not all versions of Windows 7 and Windows 8 support it. Since it is not possible to get around the 2. Since the Mac can see the remaining space above the 2.

How to Dual Boot Windows 8 and OS X Mountain Lion With Bootcamp

In order for Windows to boot successfully and still be able to utilize all of the available space on a 3 TB or larger hard drive, Windows must be installed on the fourth partition. You can use Disk Utility to create the partition, but since Disk Utility does not show hidden partitions, it can be difficult to see what is going on if some partitions are hidden. To have Disk Utility show hidden partitions, open Terminal and run the following command:. Quit Disk Utility and restart if it was running, and on restart, you should see a Debug menu.

Select the "show every partition option". Once you install the 3 TB or larger drive in your Mac and install OS X on it, a recovery partition will be created along with the main OS X partition see diagram below. If you use an imaging utility to install OS X on a partition, you may not see the recovery partition and you will need to manually create a partition for the thrid slot where the recovery partition would normally be located.

Either way, your layout will be something like the diagram below.

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Note the Recovery HD is in the third position. In order to make Windows bootable on a 3 TB or larger drive, the Windows partition must be the last of the first four, and be contained within the first 2. Disk Utility makes this easy to do.

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Shrink the existing Macintosh HD partition, and create a DOS partition so that if you add up the first four partition, they will be less than 2. Do not partition right up to the 2.

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A good rule of thumb is that the Mac and Windows partitions added together should be less than 2 TB total. Finally, create a Mac partition that uses the remaining space following the Windows partition. Note that this partition will not be accessbile by Windows, but OS X will be able to see and use this space.

See the screen shot below for an example layout.

How To Install Windows 10/ On Mac Without Boot Camp

To verify that Windows is in the fourth position, you can select the Windows partition and click the Info button. The Disk Identifier should be disk0s4. Please note that restoring a Winclone image to a new hard drive may require first removing device drivers using Sysprep in this instance we are concerned with the hard drive device driver, but Sysprep will remove all device drivers on the system. Once Windows has been installed, it will be able to see the other partitions, but will not be able to use them.

see I tried all the methods, I am a proficient power user and nothing worked. While I was continuously able to create a bootable usb drive, it failed on the windows installation with A media driver your computer needs is missing. Boot into parallels in a windows os, use the windows media creation tool and create the usb drive.

TL;DR it is absolutely ridiculous that you cannot use osx native commands to make this work, but clearly Microsoft has failed to make this process easy from a mac. Use the windows media creation tool from any available windows os, including parallels will get you a bootable usb that will install without driver problems. Thank you for your interest in this question.

Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Ask Question. Reasons for wanting create such a usb include: PC is unbootable and you want to prepare a bootable USB using the ISO file that you have on your external hard drive. What are the necessary steps to create such a Windows 8.

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Bootcamp on Mac OS X Lion, Windows 7 Tutorial

I'm a Terminal freak, so I try to do as much as I can with this utility instead of apps. Terminal is amazing. Terminal is the underlying system in OS X. Well, kind of. Terminal is the "console" if you will, the way you can interact with it. It's not detrimental to OS X, and it works way better because it gives you direct access to functions otherwise hidden from you.

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  • I hated it at first, it's like Command Prompt on Windows, but then I got the hang of it over the years and now can't live without it. I find that whenever I am supposed to write some path for a file in Terminal I just drag and drop the file I am changing from what ever folder it is placed in into the Terminal window after the command, so in step 3 I would write: hdiutil convert -format UDRW -o Remember the line should end with a space. I ended up using a windows box to create the install stick.

    The result drive is not bootable for me either. I would have liked to comment on the previous answer, because it's a nearly perfect description of what to do at least for the Linux distros I've been working through over the past week , but I'm shy of the 50 rep needed for comments… Anyway, to supplement danijel-j's answer, I discovered that some?