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Of course, the just-announced iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro models all require iOS 13, so Apple can't postpone its release past the date these handsets reach.

Like previous and later versions of the Mac OS, Leopard includes utilities you can use to troubleshoot and maintain your OS and your hard drive. To resolve freezes and crashes, or simply give your Mac a tuneup, begin with Apple's built-in maintenance tools before you reach for third-party repair applications or reinstall your OS. Open your Applications folder and locate the Utilities folder within it.

You can scroll down until you see it or press "UT" to navigate immediately to it.

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Press "Command-O" or double-click on the Utilities folder to open it. Locate the Disk Utility application and double-click on it to launch it. Click on the "First Aid" tab at the top of the Disk Utility interface. In the list on the left side, click on the name of your startup disk.

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Activate the "Show Details" checkbox so you can see the progress of your verification operation. Click on the "Verify Disk" button below the details window. Wait for the operation to complete. If you see a notice that says "Volume [your drive name] appears to be OK" in green, your drive needs no further attention.

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If you see a red error message that indicates problems, you'll need to restart from your Leopard Installer DVD to repair your startup disk. If your system uses a slot-loading internal optical drive, press the DVD into the empty drive slot. Hi tabachoy! As a normal approach I start up my MBP holding down the alt key to boot from Did that happen to you? Is it necessary that I select DU from the Please let me know friend Thankful - Jun 28, at PM.

You are a lifesaver! I brought my MBP to the apple store and while waiting, saw this post while playing with an iPad Hey tabachoy, I can't thank you enough.

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  5. I was surfing the web trying to find an answer to my problem and BAM, I came across this thread. I can't believe my problem was as simple as that. You are a life saver. Thanks for helping out. Thanks a million for that.

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    I had identical circumstances and almost panicked when no derive showed up, but after following your steps, it worked perfectly! I did not initially, and I got a verification error, which did not repeat after a restart. Kari - Aug 23, at PM. Your advice has held up well - I just followed your solution today to rebuild my Mac.

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    In First Aid tab I clicked further down on Verify After it said it had completed verifying I clicked repair at bottom of screen. Can you advise what to do next Frustrated. Respond to executioner. Cuatroveinte Jul 14, at PM. Reading numerous support postings online showed me that other users have been experiencing this issue for quite some time. Trying the same format with another Leopard machine produced the same results, and trying a format from the OS X After contacting G-Tech, which tried its best to be helpful, I was presented with only two known solutions: find an older version of OS X, or use a PC with MacDrive to format the drive.

    Pick the Erase tab, hit Erase, the formatting process will take 30 seconds or less, and you can go back to using your USB drive normally.