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Of course, the just-announced iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro models all require iOS 13, so Apple can't postpone its release past the date these handsets reach.


System: Fully automated, immunoassay analyzer for random access processing of ECL-based immunoassays cobas e system format Types of modules Manufactured message for details. It offers medium workload laboratories tailor-made s Location: Poland. Professionally dismantled and packed by the service. Medtronic Lifepak De Year: Field upgradeable t It's modular so it can be mad Location: Netherlands.

With 4 prep columns, two chiralcel AD-H. Fully func Olympus MX new Year: -. Location: Ireland. Product Description Conditon: Complete parts and functional. Fully opera Location: Germany. Bruker Type Sample types soli Location: Hungary. Call for special Location: Indonesia. They can be used for both water-source heat pump and water-cooled condenser applications.

They are freeze resistant. Parker Hannifin Corp. The product line has a synthetic-coated metal gasket, which minimizes external leaks.

Envirco Mac 10 XL Ceiling Fan & Filter Unit # 11111 - 001B 2' X 4' Free Ship

The valves can be brazed without disassembly. The valves are hermetic, direct-acting valves with no gaskets, which eliminate a source of external links. The design includes tighter seating at lower pressure differentials, and extended copper connections for easier installation. The Pate Co. Pentair Inc. Features include a stainless steel impeller and casing wear rings. Puroflux Corp. The system increases sweeper piping pressures to boost the turbulence within the basin, which in turn increases the probability of suspended particulate reaching the PFH.

By keeping an increased volume of suspended particulate out of the condenser system, the end user will have noticeably reduced energy loss over the heat-transfer equipment, as well as decreased unscheduled maintenance. Quick Sling LLC www. The QSWI swivel mount allows for degree rotation, directing flow of heat for maximum efficiency. The unit is built to hold units weighing up to pounds.

The QSMS series comes in thin and wide designs, equipped to hold mini-split units ranging in size from 7. The company also recently introduced its QSWB mini-split wall bracket, and a line of steel and wood hanging adapters. Rahn Industries Inc. Its high titanium- dioxide content protects the coil and the coating from all spectrums of UV light including UVC. Rahn-Kote contains Fluoro Teflon, which contributes to its hydrophobic properties. It holds only 26 percent of the water of new natural aluminum, and cures to a thin, high-gloss, super-hydrophobic finish, granting long-term corrosion protection, said the company.

RectorSeal Corp. Red-White Valve Corp. It features precise flow measurement, integral memory stop, and a positive shut-off with no drip seat that eliminates the need for additional isolation valve. It is constructed of corrosion-resistant brass and is available in low-lead brass for potable water use. Refrigeration Research Inc.

They come complete with a bracket attached. They are designed for systems using RA. Various sizes are available for tons. The premix blowers are designed to meet the rugged requirements of residential and commercial applications. The BFPB provides a series of fasteners to terminate numerous combinations of listed crimp lugs or flexible busbar to distribute power. The BFPB Series can be used for a variety of applications including junction boxes and inverter panels, as well as industrial control panels for large motor, HVAC, pumping, and mining applications.

The Evergreen EM was designed to replace direct-drive blower motors in residential and light commercial indoor furnaces, air handlers, and package systems that were designed with a standard ECM motor. It can also be used to retrofit permanentsplit capacitor PSC motors in commercial building series variable air volume VAV boxes and packaged heat-pump systems. It is not intended to replace premium ECM constant-airflow products, such as Eon 2. Resource Conservation Technologies www. Rovanco Piping Systems www.

The Insul is a high-temperature, pre-insulate conduit system with Aerogel technology. Sabic www. The Lexan polycarbonate resin is an amorphous engineering thermoplastic, characterized by outstanding mechanical, optical, electrical, and thermal properties. They combine the inherent benefits of PPO resin with excellent dimensional stability, good process ability, and low specific gravity. Cycolac acrylonitrile-butadiene- styrene ABS thermoplastic resin is recognized as a tailorable engineering material offering outstanding aesthetics, flow, toughness, dimensional stability, and high temperature resistance.

Sealed Unit Parts Co.

Setra Systems Inc. By eliminating the need to work on a live electrical enclosure, the Sure-Set current switch allows installation without the need for arc flash personal-protective equipment, reducing install time. Engineers or installers can preset all the Sure Set current switches used in a system prior to arriving at the job site, making the on-site install time for the current switches even shorter.

Sheet Metal Connectors Inc. The gasket creates an airtight connection, which eliminates the need to caulk and results in labor savings, as well as an aesthetically pleasing job. Installing Complete Seal fittings involves simply inserting the fitting into the spiral duct all the way up to the bead and securing it in place with selftapping sheet-metal screws.

Sherwood Valve www. It includes positive shutoff for all system access points, dual Teflon ball seals, robotically welded joints, dual O-ring stem seals, and is rated for psig service for high-pressure refrigerants. Sikla www. Framo 80 allows multidirectional connection possibilities, and the innovative connection technology guarantees installation efficiency.

The frames can be used as a multifunctional, nonwelded support system for the modular construction of framing solutions. Spiramir Corp. Spirax Sarco www. Constructed of L stainless steel, the CS10 is fully traceable, ensuring steam integrity. It is designed to exceed the steam dryness value of 0. With tee, elbow, and bracket models available to accommodate any application, each FPS model can be installed on either primary or auxiliary drain plugs, and are accessible for service.

The product is compliant with UL, applicable NEC codes, and manufactured of materials that will not rust or stick. Super Radiator Coils www. It has a fin pitch at five to six fins per inch, which can be used for natural gas or standby No. Serviceability features include removable access door and removable heat exchanger. The company also now offers 5-mm tubing for evaporator coils, which can be used for CO2 applications. Microcircuit-based logic is utilized to control a geardriven electronic actuator, which drives a ball-valve based body design. TecnoPan Inc.

The custom enclosures can accommodate any size air-handling unit, from small, low-pressure, 1-inch paneled units to massive, 4-inch, high-pressure multi-sectional units. The ThermaXX SmartJacket combines a removable insulation jacket with wireless technology, which measures and transmits data from each component to a remote Web portal.

The product allows for remote access to the status, health, and history of the system, and sends alerts when there are changes or problems. The SmartJacket also reports on true energy and cost savings. The company predicts the product will provide a full payback in two years or less. Thybar Corp. Triangle Mfg. Manufactured to dampen vibrations, each leg of the motor mount can include rubber footings and may be configured in length and gauge to accommodate diverse fan-blade diameters. Also available are special-order steel ferrules.

The company offers more than 40 sizes of belly bands to fit different motor-mount legs. These bands are shipped unassembled to help minimize costs. It enables hanger spacing to that of copper, is listed for bare-PEX plenum applications, will insulate around both pipe and PEX-a support, and is available in four different sizes. The product has a glass-filled nylon body with L stainless screen, component construction, and features an efficient bidirectional hydrodynamic drive for simple maintenance.

The side-stream system provides an efficient method for keeping tower basins clean without interrupting the facilities process. Flushing is less than 1 percent of total flow. The product has various degrees of filtration from 1, microns. The VMC Group www. Inches to 96? It can be configured in made-to-stock or made-to-order quantities. Featuring a high-hydraulic efficiency and closed-coupled design, the new e can be mounted either vertically or horizontally. It is available in eight sizes providing wide hydraulic coverage up to gpm flow.

The manufacturer said the 3- and 4-inch brazed plate heat exchangers, models BP, BP, BP, and BP, are ideal for large hydronic heating applications, refrigerant evaporators, condensers with large chillers, and many other applications requiring flow rates up to gpm. The BPX brazed plate heat exchangers use stainless steel plates and are vacuum brazed together to form a durable product that withstands both high pressures and high temperatures.

ZSI Inc. The product also creates an economical, hermetically sealed, energy-saving vapor barrier, and comes with all hardware necessary for a clean and professional- looking installation. Its closed-cell structure is ideal for liquid-cooling lines to prevent condensation and save energy. FormsXPress allows the user to capture custom data by building form templates for nearly any type of information the user wishes to gather. The forms can be associated to a specific employee, job, location, task, or asset, and can be printed or saved as a PDF file.

In addition, the user can add rich content to the form, including pictures, audio, GPS information, and digital signatures, which can then be sent wirelessly back to the office. In addition, the tag package enables the user to assemble multiple tags into one to simplify the tagging process. BCA Technologies Inc. New features include a dashboard for sales managers that allow users to process multiple requests faster and easier. Blaklader www. The ultra-durable material keeps kneepads in place without wrapping around and constricting blood flow. Bellowed rear pockets, side pockets on both legs, and tuck-away utility pockets are all designed for maximum storage and accessibility while working.

Carrier Corp. Among the enhancements is the ability to model new plant configurations using air-to-water and water-to-water heat-pump chillers as well as service water heating SHW systems, and automatic calculation of ventilation airflows per ASHRAE Standard HAP version 4.

CCSI Ltd. Clearwater Systems Corp. Dolphin WaterCare provides maximum water efficiency and efficient heat transfer. The service organization consists of a network of regionally deployed, factorytrained technicians with expertise in both water chemistry and HVACR equipment, as well as an expanding fleet of fully equipped Dolphin WaterCare service vehicles. Data-Basics Inc. Davisware Inc. As a fully integrated field-service solution, the product was designed to optimize routing, lower fuel costs, increase service-call potential, capture signatures electronically for billing purposes, boost customer satisfaction, and increase profitability with more immediate cash flow.

Global Field Solutions provides optimized call assignment and reduces, on average, fuel costs by 20 percent, vehicle downtime by 25 percent, overtime costs by one hour per week, insurance costs by 15 percent, maintenance costs by 10 percent, invoicing costs by 40 percent, and duplicate credit card entry by 50 percent.

It also adds two service calls per week for each technician and provides the opportunity to be payment card industry PCI compliant for credit card processing in the field. DelftRed Simulation Technology www. The software works from real catalogues and can automatically generate quotes, determine load calculations, size ducts, generate reports, and calculate airflow through its click-and-drag visual software. SPM combines detailed job-cost financials with real-time field operations data and features a built-in document and workflow management system that ties the information together.

The software is completely Web-based and can be accessed from any device with a Web browser, providind the usability and mobility needed by field technicians without sacrificing the analytics and detail needed back at the office. Diversified Pure Chem www. Dow Chemical Co. Ebm-papst Inc. Elite Software Development Inc. CHVAC allows an unlimited number of rooms, which can be grouped into as many as air-handling systems. The software automatically looks up all cooling load and correction factors necessary for computing loads and can take into account weather data from more than 1, cities in 75 countries.

New features in version 8 include the EnergyPro energy-analysis program, plenum-room temperature-difference calculation, sloped-ceiling area calculator, load-preview window, new lighting load selections, and new equipment load selections. The site provides useful tools for improving business and communicating with customers, and is a dual resource site where both parties may access unbiased information. New software features include the Autodesk Revit add-in and Elite software, as well as the capability to recognize Taco, Trane Trace, and Watts Radiant programs.

The AnalytiX software suite continuously monitors and analyzes energy cost, consumption, and the discharge of carbon into the environment. Facility AnalytiX is a fault-detection and diagnostic software solution that provides continuous commissioning capabilities for any building automation or large campus real estate project. Energy AnalytiX delivers information that facility managers need to reduce and manage utility costs, and minimize their carbon footprints. In addition to added waterside capabilities, ApacheHVAC has been given a facelift with a new interface including new component Graphics, redesigned toolbars, and easy-to-use, drag-and-drop features.

New drawing tools and improved import-and-export functions offer engineers the ability to create and save their own customized systems libraries. Infor Global Solutions www. The integrated-data solution provides company- wide access to critical information, including contacts, work orders, scheduling and dispatch information, service contracts and history, warranty management information, and more. The three-dimensional piping design software allows for quick and easy creation of fully intelligent plant models. Jonas Software www. JENEsys Harmony is designed for contractors and building owners who want to reduce project labor costs associated with commissioning and engineering complex, multi-vendor, and legacy devices.

Metraflex Co. It supplies all the materials and calculations required to meet submittal requirements, which may include stress analysis, design calculations, anchor details, guide details, material certificates, and welding certificates. The company said virtually every Metraflex product is available in Revit and other computer-aided design file formats for download.

Revit files can be downloaded as complete product families, or individual files. Files can also be downloaded in 2-D formats, and in a variety of file formats compatible with popular software applications. Mobile FieldPro Inc. The software can also track job statuses, generate custom reports, eliminate paperwork, and improve productivity by wirelessly connecting field technicians to the office. Noesis Energy www. It is used by facility and energy managers, energy consultants, and energy retailers. The site provides energy analysis, benchmarking, and reporting tools for tracking energy performance.

The company also sells its Noesis Data Service NDS product to end users who need help collecting and reporting their energy data. Since July of the site has accumulated 6, registered users that are now tracking over 20, facilities. Owens Corning www. A Web-based resource center has been established to access product information, and the Architectural and Engineering Information Center provides commercial building professionals with access to information, including product literature, case studies, guide specifications, online AIA and CES training courses, and more.

Polar Technology www. As explained by the company, the product is designed to provide comprehensive and transparent tracking and management of refrigerants throughout their entire lifecycles. This includes from the time of purchase to deployment throughout maintenance cycles, through recovery and reclamation, to their final destruction at the end of the lifecycle. When the program is incorporated among the participating points in the supply chain, more of the original refrigerant is kept within the supply chain, ownership of the refrigerant can be accounted for, and regulatory compliance is inherently managed.

It is available in three customized versions for contractors, distributors, and system owners. ProfitZoom www. RealWinWin Inc. Each year, as mandated by individual state governments, utilities collect billions of dollars from rate payers and redistribute those funds in the form of rebates to help lower the cost of energy-efficient capital improvements. Energy-efficiency rebates typically help offset percent or more of the cost of highefficiency equipment as compared to standard units, said the company. RebateAccess provides manufacturers, design engineers, and contractors with real-time rebate estimates across hundreds of North American utility rebate programs.

Included in the initial launch are air-cooled and water-cooled chillers, unitary and packaged systems, and water-source heat pumps. Service Automation Inc. Service Skeds www. Service Skeds features a live dispatch board, customer management, invoicing, reporting, job management, accounting integration, maps, and GPS tracking.

The software stores information in the cloud, allowing the user the flexibility to manage their business remotely. The software is compatible with both Apple and Android devices. The product was designed for service professionals and offers an opening that will slip easily over footwear up to a size 18 work boot. SKF www. The MHRP is a partnership offering that can help an industrial plant enjoy the benefits of a comprehensive predictive-maintenance program without the need to invest in condition-monitoring equipment or specialized data-analysis training.

Typical applications include motors, pumps, fans, and compressors. SKF instructs maintenance personnel on how to use an SKF handheld data collector to capture vibration data during normal duties. Collected data is transmitted to SKF via the Internet then analyzed by a certified reliability engineer who identifies problems and recommends actions to avoid unplanned downtime.

This wireless gateway collects data and organizes a network to handle integration needs for new or retrofit Machine-to- Machine technology M2M or energy monitoring applications. The gateway can be used primarily to route electric meter data or other similar devices over a wireless connection to cloud applications. SmartFleet www. The product provides an efficient solution for tracking and managing fleet, regardless of size. Key features of the VP include minute- by-minute tracking, geofence alerts, intelligent dispatch capability, starter disable, wireless door lock and unlock, interactive voice response, and more.

The VP allows minute- by-minute tracking, idle-time alerts, stop alerts, acceleration and deceleration alerts, and more. Tecsys Inc. These tools provide a proven approach that takes as much as 60 percent out of the time and cost associated with the software implementation process, and at the same time maximizes the use of the full capabilities of the software application, ultimately translating into a significant return on investment for businesses. ToolWatch Corp. The software facilitates reduced tool costs, automated management of materials, more consistent equipment service management, and more accurate job costs and billing.

Tridium www. The release includes built-in mobile support for some of the more commonly used features like property sheets, scheduling, alarm management, and charting. Triple Crown Products www. The Triple Crown Performance polo is customizable, allowing contractors to choose their own color combination and include a company logo. The shirts are moisture-wicking, as well as stain, fade, and wrinkle resistant.

Three collar styles are available and pockets can be added. The shirts come standard as short-sleeved and can be upgraded to long sleeve. Matching hats, pullovers, jackets, and a bevy of other work clothing is available from the company. Vertical Market Software www. They are also able to enter parts used, flat-rate codes, work-done codes, comments of what was done or observed, and service-history inquiries. If needed, invoices or work tickets can be printed or emailed to the customer.

Victaulic Co. The patent-pending Virtual Truck Loading software nests spools of piping onto trucks, extending BIM coordination to the transportation phase of construction, allowing the user to gain efficiencies in the fabrication shop including the elimination of doublehandling of prefabricated parts. By virtually laying out trucks in advance, fabrication work can be sequenced accordingly, reducing the handling of materials. WennSoft www. The software offers access to customer information and service history for specific equipment or locations, the ability to secure signatures for completed work, the option to print or email a call summary report from the field, and the ability to track expenses and billable time.

The software is available for Windows 7, iOS 5. Aircooled air conditioner, air-source heat pump, water-source heat pump, and geothermal water-source heat pump units are available. It is said to be ideal for treatment of percent outside air, with units being available with optional digital scroll compressors, hot refrigerant-gas reheat, and energy conservation wheels. Advanced Cooling Technologies Inc.

The ACT-AAHX recovers energy from the conditioned exhaust airstream and transfers it to the supply airstream to reduce heating or cooling plant loads. The captured Btu can save thousands of dollars per year in heating and cooling costs, and payback is typically under eight months, said the company. The ACT-AAHX features an integrated pivot that allows the unit to shift from summer-favorable tilt to a winter- favorable tilt so that energy can be recovered year-round.

AeroSys Inc. The ducted units are designed for multifamily apartments, condos, and other high-occupancy buildings. The HSC uses a vinyl-chloride air filter and has a 12, Btu cooling capacity. The plus models use aluminum air filters. Ajax Boiler Inc.

Features include thermal efficiencies of up to 86 percent, fully modulating up to turndown, and a sealed combustion chamber. Applied Comfort Products Inc. The energy-efficient unit features noise-canceling materials, a high static-pressure blower designed for ducted and hydronic systems, and electronic touchpad controls that can be switched out for a remote wall thermostat and EMS connection. The product is a standalone, pleated, single-cartridge dust collector which is ideal for welding fumes and fine grinding dusts. Features include a gauge steel cabinet, an access door with quick-turn knobs for easy access to the high-efficiency filter cartridge, and a 6-gallon dust storage bin with two grab handles.

Automation Tech Inc. According to the company, the Pearl Trap is an electromechanical watchdog piped inline on the condensate return system, using conductivity, pH, and temperature to evaluate the quality of water passing through it. When that water quality reaches an unacceptable or undesirable state, the water is diverted from the normal condensate return. The unit thus protects the system from contaminants, maintains peak efficiency by treating contamination factors early, and provides for less downtime.

Bard Mfg. The corrosion-resistant hydrophilic finned coils resist bacterial growth and shed water quickly, eliminating potential IAQ issues. It has an anti-huffing lock on the refrigerant port and a floating compressor platform absorbs vibration caused by unit cycling. The heavyweight cover and discharge muffler help eliminate refrigerant circuit noise.

The ecofriendly, high-performance insulation is made of recycled denim. The pump uses patented rotary-diaphragm technology and is compatible with the complete Blue Diamond range of sensing options. It has been engineered to ensure that current consumption, vibration, and sound are minimal. The MultiTank also includes sensors that eliminate the use of moving floats, which can become stuck. Bosch Thermotechnology www. Supply-and-return air connections can be configured in one of eight configurations without opening the refrigeration circuit.

Canarm Ltd. It can be used as part of an HVAC system and has durable galvanizesteel construction, and is ideal for indoor applications. The new generation of VRF units delivers innovative technology that optimizes and balances each component in the system to enhance reliability and efficiency. SHRM-i three-pipe heat-recovery VRF systems can be used in applications that require simultaneous heating and cooling, said the company. AdvanTE3C Optimized Central Plant solutions are available in a wide operating range with capacities from , tons. Cleaver-Brooks Inc. It comes in six different sizes and offers full condensing with up to 98 percent efficiency and turndown.

There is no minimum return water temperature for maximum efficiency and reliability. The company also showcased its ProFire-MTH burner system, which has a design ideal for use with applications where low emissions are required and flue gas recirculation FGR is impractical or inaccessible. The system features a rugged surface-stabilized, premix-combustion element, which ensures quiet combustion, and offers an inverted configuration in lieu of standard configuration to meet space requirements.

Colmac Industries Inc. Hydronic-loop water, return-chilled water, condenser or cooling-tower water, geothermal loops or wells, and industrial-process water are a few of the possible heat sources that can be utilized by the HPW heat pump. HPA heat pumps can be applied wherever there is a need for large amounts of hot water and there is a source of warm air available.

Cool-A-Zone www. Units for outdoor climate control. Cools up to square feet. Simply fill with water, plug in, and cool. The digital control panel allows for run-time settings, output-temperature control, fan speed, and low-water warning. The units are said to be ideal for outdoor events, restaurant patios, industrial applications, and disaster relief.


CosmoGas Heating Systems www. The units feature modulation ranges up to , are fully modulating, and offer efficiencies up to 98 percent. Both units operate at a unit power of , Btuh. The unit is equipped with three or four CRV heat exchangers, is fully modulating, includes an outdoor reset, and operates at , Btuh, with a turndown ratio up to Eaton Corp. Features include an energy control algorithm, advanced dc capacitors, new-generation insulated gate bipolar transistors IGBTs , and a real-time clock. Since the drives can be tuned to actual energy needs, tapering system requirements during off hours, weekends, and holidays allows a customer to see significant cost savings, said the company.

The line of motors features programmable speed controls and low-profile designs. It also launched the HyBlade mm Premium Axial Fans, which employ strong, lightweight aluminum and fiberglass- reinforced plastics. Evaporcool www. The new EZ Frame design includes a removable top panel with removable outside screen and filter media to greatly speed up the occasional need for maintenance.

Florida Bosch Group www. It is outfitted with compressor, blower motor, and heat-transfer technologies. Energy efficiency doubles when the system provides 50 percent cooling and 50 percent heating at the same time, the company said. The VR-II inverter compressor control allows for speed control as low as 0. Flexible piping and refrigerant branch unit are options. It is a variable-speed electronically commutated motor ECM -based circulator that uses an integrated logic algorithm to learn the varying energy-usage patterns of an application over time, enabling the software to automati-cally determine the lowest possible operating efficiency point to meet ever-changing demand.

It features a permanent magnet motor design and is designed for commercial hydronic applications. Harsco Industrial Patterson-Kelley www. Hays Cleveland www. It is a modular combustion management system for burners from kW. Heatex America www. It features a new surface pattern which leads to better control of turbulence, optimized bar spacers, and a smaller frame, which equals a larger plate surface. The product lends itself well to providing higher efficiency. HG Spec Inc. The unit is divided into three sections, each capable of housing a media bag that can be marked with an installation date.

The CS4P model comes with an integrated pump and alarm panel to prevent overflows. HTP Inc. HTP also rolled out its Mod Con Double Stack, with a true turndown ratio, built-in redundancy, and pre-piped reverse return. I-Lift Equipment Ltd. The product is designed and manufactured with an advanced rotary-sealed compressor, hydrophilic membrane inner thread, and highly efficient heat transmitter and exchanger.

It has two speed options to provide custom-controlled cooling, from 6,, Btuh. Industrial Combustion www. It features a low-pressure, drop-firing head design and low blower-motor horsepower requirement with up to a turndown rate. It comes in 10 different types with anywhere from 2. Kaydon Custom Filtration Corp. The systems provide clean fuel for reliable starting and dependable operation for back-up, emergency-diesel engines. The units are available for fuel tank sizes up to 60, gallons. Kelley www. The high-volume, low-speed fans are designed to provide an energy-efficient solution for large spaces.

The patented airfoils produce a massive, cylindrical column of air that flows to the floor and outward in all directions. In the cooler months, the Fusion fan can operate in reverse, circulating hot air trapped at ceiling level, creating a warmer mix of air throughout the facility. Adding branch distribution to the MULTI F product family also effectively doubles the number of potential temperature-control zones available.

Lochinvar LLC www. It features 96 percent thermal efficiency and turndown. The Lock-Temp Stainless Steel Storage Tank is a fully welded and passivated stainless steel storage tank for potable water. Marley Engineered Products www. Designed for commercial and residential applications, these zoned heaters provide instant heat wherever occupants are located and feature precise heat output within 1. Other features include simple touchscreen navigation and programming, remote control to make adjustments anywhere in the room, two-piece construction, and premium-grade stainless steel with seamlessly finished lines and contours.

How to install Workbench & clean room & FFU

Mars Air Systems www. The Series 2 product line includes slimmer units, updated colors, and a sleek new design for everything from a drive-thru window to a lobby entrance to warehouse loading dock doors. Series 2 products protect any size window or door opening by conserving energy and helping to maintain temperaetures inside a building. Mits Airconditioning Inc. The unit allows simultaneous production of cooled and hot water and meets all cooling, heating, and domestic hot water DHW production needs. The NRP uses water inside the building instead of refrigerant.

Four sizes have been added; they range between 55, , Btu and are dual-certified for residential or commercial use. Blowers are available on models Also, Modine displayed the redesigned Airdale Classmate. Motivair Corp. The system features an active door that is mounted directly to the rear panel of any standard server rack by a patented runner system, which is capable of moving up to 45 kW per rack. The door can be mounted to the back of any standard OEM server rack. Multiaqua Inc. Featuring a variable- speed compressor, the chiller is available in 5- and ton sizes.

Multistack www. The water heaters are available in a standalone, non-modular configuration and feature singleand dual-compressor configuration, depending on the capacity. T-capable on the hot water side. It requires Additional features include a digital control panel with buttons for operation and status displays. Power Flame Inc. The windbox-style burners are available in the Vector and ultra-low Nox CSB models; and the gun-style burners are available in the Cmax, Ultra Cmax, and Nova-plus models.

PLC or microprocessor-based, state-of-the-art controls are available along with industrial-grade fuel components and accessories. Recuperator USA www. The equipment features crossflow in a wide range of sizes, up to 60,cfm air flows, with or without bypass and dampers. The devices feature low pressure drop and are available in aluminum, acrylic-protected aluminum, or stainless steel. Riello Burners North America www.

Motors & Controls Product Guide - PDF

The low-NOX burner can be used in applications such as hot-water boilers and industrial steam generators, and features an alternatively modulating function due to the PID logic regulator. The RX Series allows users to achieve low-polluting emissions and achieve high-modulating turndown rate. Rinnai Corp. It is available in free-standing or wall-mounted options for indoor or outdoor applications. Schebler Co. The integrated system monitors and adjusts stack and exhaust outlet pressure for each appliance to ensure proper operation and optimal performance.

Service Tech Cooling Towers www. If the facility is in a seismic or hurricane zone, the Service Tech units are said to be easily and economically adaptable to high winds and seismic loading. The concrete towers boast an average life cycle of 50 years. Positive flow through a HEPA filter, max airflow is cfm.

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