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Of course, the just-announced iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro models all require iOS 13, so Apple can't postpone its release past the date these handsets reach.

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Free alternatives exist Burn, etc. Great Noodley Appendages, Don. That's simply astonishing in its ineptitude. For instance, why does an Adobe CS6 installation constantly notify end-users that there are updates, but the updates are actually links for installing trial versions of CC?


I'm paraphrasing a bit from my actual deployment process but this is how I install Toast Something similar may work for Toast We're using it less and less. Burn is cool, but its also not updated often, and free, so I always wonder about reliability. I'll probably package Toast up with Composer and then wait until the sales person asks for our yearly maintenance renewal to push the VLP packaging issues. It's good to have some negotiating power for a product that's essentially in development purgatory.

Sometimes money is the only thing that talks. What a mess. In all seriousness, something as screwed up as that 'deployment' strategy from a vendor would likely make us to refuse to deploy it all, and tell our clients pick something else.

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Even if that something else wasn't easy to deploy either, at least it probably won't spew a bunch of nonsense apps and garbage all over the system. Sadly yeah, people still use Toast. My former workplace in particular. Wouldn't work with 12 it seems.

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  • I guess Roxio must have bigger problems on their plate at the moment with their business disappearing down the plug hole. I'm surprised their not using a Vise installer! They do seem to be following the path Quark took after the product lost market share, became marginally useful, and profits started to slide I haven't had a chance to create a Composer manifest for Toast The developer is helping us, but to set expectation, they don't have enough resources to put into making their proper PKG installer more enterprise friendly.

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    No surprises there, seems to be the trend now-a-days. Their PKG is flat, and can be pushed to a logged off computer; since the madness only starts once Toast On a bright note, after many emails, the developer has agreed to collaborate with us, so we can leverage any "defaults" commands that may exist. For example, disabling auto updates checking:. With a little effort, we can push their Toast The work was done on his computer.

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    I connected remotely to share my knowledge and at the end we have a working deployment process that removes 11 and installs 12 and hits the Dock icons along the way. Requirements: - Toast 12 Titanium version Take snapshot sorry not a fan of Composer manifests; plus you can learn more by going through the motions :. Upload Toast 11 Titanium Dock icon Yes they can both exist in JSS. User goes to Self Service, is warned to exit Toast, then Toast 11 is removed, and Toast 12 is installed, old Dock icon is removed, new Dock icon is added, and inventory is updated.

    Last step: contact Roxio and point to this thread if only to shame and publicly lambast them for profiting off your sweat. Actually he probably won't post that here, but on IRC. My install method for Toast is the following. I install: 1 Toast Some of the data keys may only be needed for the Blu-Ray burning plugin, which we also have as part of our license. The non-data keys are self-explanatory. I deploy a plist because in the environment for which Toast gets deployed, I'm ok with requiring a logout or a reboot if necessary for the preferences to become cached.

    This plist works as another any-user default, but if a user already has some of the same keys set in their own com. Toast take precedence, or to instead have a login script-like mechanism to set the appropriate keys in the user's domain. That's all to say that you might prefer a different mechanism for setting the preferences for on a user-level, but that that's all the licensing bits are - standard OS X preferences that obey the patterns we see for Apple's own application-level preferences.

    Well it looks like Toast 14 is out. I don't see a Trial download link.

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    Just been presented with 5 standalone licenses! Is there any point in me trying to get these converted to a volume lic? Have they actually improved anything or is it still just as bad regardless of license type? Toast Jamf Nation, hosted by Jamf, is a knowledgeable community of Apple-focused admins and Jamf users.

    Learn more about JNUC. Yea, Toast stinks, but I have a question Posted: by donmontalvo. TIA, Don. Like Comment. Order by: Most Likes Oldest Newest. I recommend doing this on a machine that is a fresh OS install for best results. Yep, we did, but looks like Toast 12 Titanium dumps the license stuff in the user space ugh.

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    Training new operators takes just minutes instead of hours. Simply choose the type of job you want to perform data, video, audio, etc. Three free protections are included. The SDK is free to qualified developers. You can feel confident buying a Primera product, too. Over the last ten years we've built more disc publishers than all of our competitors combined.

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    Read what others have to say about Primera and our products at our comments page. Which Disc Publisher is right for you? PC Interface. Mac Interface.