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Of course, the just-announced iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro models all require iOS 13, so Apple can't postpone its release past the date these handsets reach.

She was so anger C. Such her anger was D. So angry she was 8. I have so many things to do that… B. Nobody has so many… C. So many things are on me D. I do many things In spite b. In spite of c. Despite the fact that d. Despite 2. Despite d. Although 5. Despite being tired b. Although to be tired c. In spite being tired d. Despite tired 6. Even though c.

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In spite of d. Despite of 9. Although b. Even c. In spite of But b. Even if c. As though No matter b. However c. If However B. Whatever In spite of C.

Although D. Too D.

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Moreover Despite B. However D. Although Whatever B. However C.

Whoever D. Whenever Despite c. But d. In spite B. Despite C. However Despite b. Even though d. In spite Notwithstanding d. Despite Even if Whoever C. Whenever D. In spite of b. Even though the fact that c. Despite the fact that Though b. In spite c. Even though b. Despite of c.

In spite d. Although that In order to C. So as D. In order to speak B. To speaking C. In order speak D. In order for speaking 9. You have been reading for four hours. This road is very narrow. My mother permitted me to go out at night. He advised me to take an English course. I waited for you for two hours. Can B. Must C. May D. Should Will you translate it for me? Have B. Should C. Could Sit down, please.

Do you like B. Do you like to drink C. Would you like D. Will you like It could not tell the difference between Indian music and jazz. He spent all that money last week. I really must go home. May I borrow yours? Can you B. Would you mind D. Could you please Tommy and Mary were mischievous children. Could B. Can D. Might Would B. Could C. The ground is wet. Must — may not - need It is cold outside. If you don't pay your rent, your landlord is going to kick you out!

Yesterday I ran into Sam at the grocery store. I had not seen him for years. Let's go over that report again before we submit it. It is time to go to bed. I didn't get to see the end of that mystery movie on TV last night. When the alarm went off, everyone proceeded calmly to the emergency exits.

Look out.

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There is a rattlesnake under the picnic table! Listen b. Be careful c. Watch Jones's husband passed away fast Friday. We are all shocked by the news. The tree is going to fall. From b. For d. With Did you remember anything She worked hard A. This book is interesting. I can wait. I am doing my homework. Would you like me to do them for you? Tracey is out of work. All of the homework given by our teachers are useful to every student. When Helen was a child, she has worked in a factory for more than three years. The tourist guide only has a twenty-dollars bill with her when she landed at the airport.

After Mrs. Wang had returned to her house from work, she was cooking dinner. Elizabeth I has reigned as Queen of England from to Caroline refused taking the job given to her because the salary was not good. I finished college last year, and I am working here for only eight months now. If you think carefully before making your decision, you will avoid to get into trouble later. Each of the members of the group were made to write a report every week. Last week Mark told me that he got very bored with his present job and is looking for a new one.

Jane asked Brian that he had ever been to South-east Asia and he said he had. I don't know why is the elevator not working properly today. In the end, she quit the job because it was too bored. He said that he couldn't remember where had he left his car. Many couples who both work must hire someone to take care of their children for they.

The oil price is believing to be rising again. While the brows were away on holiday, their house was broke into. There have been a report of several bombings by terrorist groups. If Al had come sooner, he could has eaten dinner with the whole family. If my father hasn't encouraged me to take the exam, I wouldn't have done it. If you give me more time and I will successfully finish this project. Some of the pictures he painted them were sold for millions of dollars. There are many another people who are members of the swimming club. Liquids take the shape of any container which in they are placed.

Two out of three people striking by lightning survive. Some of the houses had been wrecked by the storm belonged to the poor villagers. The notebook lists every opportunities for handicapped workers in the area. In my opinion, the new foreign coach does his job relative well. He had stolen my money, today. She said that she liking her work so much. He stopped to smoke because it is harmful for his health.

Have you finish the report yet? Dennis used to smoking a lot a year ago. There is such few ink that it will be impossible to finish addressing the envelopes. Economic reforms started since in Vietnam have helped millions of people to A B be out of poverty and bringing the poverty rate down. Anyone where works is regarded as a useful member of our society.

Education and training are an important steps in getting the kind of job that you would like to have. Recently, there has been a lot of debate about students have to pay their own fees at university. We are working, that means that we are contributing goods and services to our city. Economic reform usually refers to actions of the government to improve efficiency in economy markets.

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After the police had tried unsuccessfully to determine to who the car belonged, they towed it into the station. If Robert Kennedy would have lived a little longer, he probably would have won the election. I found it wonderfully to travel abroad. Although the increase in air fares, most people still prefer to travel by plane. He failed the exams because his laziness.

With him are three trained dogs and a monkey called Jolie-Coeur. Tragedy strikes and Vitalis dies.

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Remi, now a young man, is left to fend for himself and his animal friends. He decides to look for his real parents and so half of the book is about that quest. I will not tell you further what happens because it will be too much of a spoiler. What I liked about this book was the very simple and innocent voice of the narrator-child. When Remi narrates, his voice oozes with sincerity so you can't help but have your heart really go for him.

It's just that this book, Nobody's Boy was first published in first English translation so this obviously came first. Another noteworthy aspect of the story is that Vitalis treats Remi as a son. This is a clear departure from the usual story of this kind where the one who buys the child with the purpose of having the child to work for him from the foster parent s is so devious that the poor child becomes a force to reckon with in terms of eliciting water from your tear ducts.

In the story, the bond that gets developed between Vitalis and Remi is so pure and strong that it can even compete to the usual father-son relationship that we see around. Lastly, the book gives us a glimpse of the life of performing roadshow artists during the late 19th century countryside Italy, Paris and other parts of Europe. How I wish there were more vivid descriptions of the locales that could have made this book more memorable.

I love looking at pictures of the old Paris. Lovelier than now, I think. View all 3 comments. My mother read this series to us when we were very young. We didn't have a television so our nightly reading sessions were like the best possible TV series. I remember begging and crying for her not to stop! She developed character voices and accents.

It was as real as anything. I think little Remi, orphaned to the circus with his monkey friend really influenced my gypsy lifestyle when I grew older. Reading out loud, try it sometime. It's a very different experience. These books were antiques when My mother read this series to us when we were very young. These books were antiques when she read them. I would love to get a copy of the series Dec 06, Mamdouh Abdullah rated it really liked it. Jan 22, Christopher Bunn rated it it was amazing. Hector Malot wrote Nobody's Boy back in the s. Fails, of course, but then it's made more pathetic by the fact that he totally pulls the heart strings to their fullest extent at the end.

Baptism Name day Calendar of saints. Is the mother supposed to do all houswork and mind the children and the father to go to work and bring in money? Further, some historical names may be written using different Chinese characters Sino-Vietnamese , but are still written the same in the modern Vietnamese alphabet. The book brings to light the horrendous damage that divorce can bring upon a child and a parent. It's a very slow, dreamy story, completely lacking in the speed and cliff-hanging and spectacle that define modern writing.

I suppose a lot of readers would find his story boring or somewhat maudlin, but I found myself entranced by the combination of word precision and a sensation of something akin to gliding slowly down a river. A river in the French countryside, of course, apropos to the story, gleaming with lazy summer sunlight. Malot's use of Hector Malot wrote Nobody's Boy back in the s. Malot's use of words is something worth noting. He's not necessarily a standout in this regard. I imagine most writers from that era were equally as careful and as precise. However, reading Nobody's Boy again hammered home to me how focused writing is from older times.

Malot uses words the way they are supposed to be. There's no ambiguity in choice and application. The right word in the right place. There's no sloppiness. He knows his definitions and connotations. Obviously, I read a translation from the original French, so I'm making an assumption here that the translator was just as careful and as faithful in his English version as Malot was with the French.

That kind of craft is so radically different from the general, run-of-the-mill writer these days self included, I'm afraid. Most modern writers toss words around like tossing oatmeal against the wall. We use words imprecisely, not always grasping connotation and meaning correctly. This results in messy communication, shoddy motivations and awkward dialogue.

Our bad writing is complicit in the overall decay of language. I found Nobody's Boy a refreshing draught in terms of language, in addition to the dreamily enchanting comfort of the story itself. Nov 01, Ana rated it it was amazing Shelves: Before the age of 10, this was my favorite book of all times. I read it about twenty times between the ages of 9 and 12, or something like that, and I cried every single damned time at it. It's impossible how much feeling I got from that book! Remi was and I think he still is the perfect child character in a book!

And Vitalis was such a good man.. I think this is the only book with animal "characters" that I really liked. I usually find them either extremely boring, extremely useless or extremely annoying. But Joli-Coeur is lovely! But then again, I was I keep this book in my heart, for it really is a wonderful story! Tadinya saya pikir ini buku sedih, semacam Ratapan Anak Tiri gitu, makanya nunda-nunda terus bacanya, karena lagi malas sedih-sedih Bener lho, waktu baca gw merasa ini semacam buku perjalanan yang sekarang lagi ngetrend banget.

Prancis, Inggris, Swiss, dijajal Remi hanya den Tadinya saya pikir ini buku sedih, semacam Ratapan Anak Tiri gitu, makanya nunda-nunda terus bacanya, karena lagi malas sedih-sedih Prancis, Inggris, Swiss, dijajal Remi hanya dengan modal mengamen. Dan karena settingnya abad 19, jadi bisa tahu tuh kondisi Eropa waktu itu kayak apa. Yang jelas sih, gak semakmur sekarang. Beberapa hal yang tambah menguatkan kesan buku perjalanan adalah waktu Remi beli peta dan waktu Remi serta Mattia dibekali surat keterangan supaya tidak dicurigai orang setiap kali mendatangi wilayah baru.

Kalau sekarang semacam paspor kali ya Kalau ceritanya sendiri, nggak sedih ah. Habis polanya sudah jelas. Senang, bencana, sedih. Senang lagi, bencana lagi, sedih lagi. Jadi saya bacanya nggak sampai ketar-ketir atau mewek karena saya tahu pasti setiap habis kesialan Remi akan bahagia lagi.

Benar saja, kisah ini diakhiri dengan senaaaang sekali. Happy ending banget khas cerita dongeng. Menurut saya Remi ini malah beruntung sekali, punya sahabat yang setianya setengah mati, punya orang-orang yang sangat menyayanginya walaupun bukan keluarga, punya pengalaman menjelajah banyak tempat dan bertemu orang-orang baru. Pokoknya beruntung deh, sama sekali nggak sebatang kara. Untuk anak-anak sendiri walaupun ternyata kisah ini tadinya tidak diniatkan sebagai buku anak , nilai yang bisa dipelajari dari Sebatang Kara adalah keuletan, kasih sayang, kemauan belajar, keberanian, persahabatan, kejujuran dan pantang menyerah.

Buku yang menyenangkan untuk dibaca View all 18 comments. This is the wonderfully moving story of an orphan who hopes to one day find his true family. There are many interesting subplots as well about the general condition of orphan children throughout 19th France, very much like Dickens revealed similar mistreatment of youth through his highly critical and scrutinizing enlightenment. This story is bound to have you shed a few tears. If you ever the opportunity, watch the tv mini-series of the same title. If a great tale for children, it remains an equal This is the wonderfully moving story of an orphan who hopes to one day find his true family.

If a great tale for children, it remains an equally edifying narrative for adults. The book provides insightful description of life on the street and heart warming relationship through life struggles and survival. Jun 15, Anh rated it liked it Shelves: Touchy feely. I read it as a kid and loved it. I would have rated it 5 stars if I'd been here on GRs at that time. I'd say this book is perfect for children, until they grow up and realize there's something wrong with the ending.

That relationships can't be all romance all the time. The fact that people do fall in and out of love. The pressure that people have in today's society to be happy and romantic all the time. I don't know why people kid themselves into thinking being with someone is an easy task. It's really not, espeically when you're with eachother for life and have a family. It made me empathise with little Pat, a child of divorce. The majority of my friends and exfriends have had divorced parents but they never really talk about it.

What it was like when they intially split up. I'm so very lucky to have parents that have stayed together. The quote that really got me; "You need a license to drive a car. You need a license to own a dog, but anyone can bring a child into the world. Of course I'm not at liberty to really give my oppinion on parenting and in some cases- love itself. I'm only seventeen. I've kinda veered off the point of this review. In a nutshell, I totally loved it. The truth of life that nothing is really a happy ending. It's sad, but true and that's what I really like in a book: Jun 28, Sunni rated it it was ok Recommends it for: Those not familiar with Kramer v.

I am also surprised that 25 years later this story plays well. When Kramer came out, most men didn't have a clue about real hands-on parenting and a man with custody was unheard of Mom" stories made great fodder. Today, I'd be hard-pressed to think of a young father who does not fully participate in every aspect of parenting not housework mind you The protaganist does have some self-discoveries that were not covered in Kramer, but mostly it is the same book.

Hay, happy ending. Izuzetno delo puno topline i istine. Chick lit for boys. Mar 08, Meliana rated it it was ok Shelves: View all 4 comments. How on earth did this sell a million copies?? Do not read!! Every character was awful and I have no idea what this book was meant to be about. Feb 26, Natalee rated it liked it Shelves: I really wanted to read this book and finally got round to it.

I felt it started with a bit of promise but kind of didn't get better. Meet Harry, happily married with a little boy and a good job. He cheats on his wife and she leaves him and also his contract isn't renewed at work. His wife is very upset as she gave up her dream to go to Tokyo to be with Harry and decides that she's going to go as a result. She leaves their son behind and Harry now has to be a parent to his son, a job that took h I really wanted to read this book and finally got round to it.

She leaves their son behind and Harry now has to be a parent to his son, a job that took him 10 minutes a day previously.